One randomly chosen winner will win the Dewdrop necklace (shown is blood drop) Choose from blood drop / clear / frost / moss / grey / white / lavender / pale green / honey / light rose on 18 inch sleek Gunmetal, Sterling silver, or Gold filled chain.

To enter, leave a comment below. (please include your email so I can contact the winner) Winner will be announced here Oct. 21.

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and the winner is Sarah Johnson!

Thanks for your kind words everyone, if you didn't win, don't fret, more Giveaways coming up! :)

October 18, 2014 by cindy .
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Siew said:

I love all your necklaces. I’ve been trolling your etsy site trying to find the right combination an this would be a great starting point.


Inês said:

My love for your jewelry has been paciently awaiting for a purchase for years (yes, years), but being a medical student on a tight budget never allowed me to indulge on a beautiful piece to wear, especially around my neck (you make the most simple and minimalist wonderful charm necklaces). I remember the first time I discovered your shop on Etsy, I was fifteen or sixteen, and I frantically wrote a list of my favourite pieces on Listography. I then looked at it and realized most of my wishes would probably stay on hold up until I had a salary. I fell deeply in love with an olive green antique bronze tulip bud charm necklace, Olivine. And so I would visit your shop and daydream every single day about that necklace. I then moved on to Pinterest and, just like my Listography page, your work was heavily present there. Sometime along that, you created this page and I «subscribed» (not sure if that’s the correct techinal word) on Feedly. I am now 20, almost 21, still a few years away from my first salary, but Olivine is still a dream piece; I was truly sad to see it gone from your Etsy shop. I kept this childish dream that I’d be able to have it wait for me. Silly, but made me happy and hopeful. I keep a photo of it in my computer though, it really is an amazing necklace.

The Dewdrop necklace is a beautiful piece as well, as all of your work is. Spending so much time by a desk, studying thousands of pages every day really takes a toll on your self-esteem. I have little patience for long dress-ups, and my style is very simple and minimal. I sometimes miss the feeling of feeling pretty. I guess that would be the feeling your piece would bring to my life, something that makes me feel beautiful, regardless of all the sleepless nights and bags under my eyes. I especially like to imagine it contrasting my pale skin. I’m a freckled white pale gal and choosing a colour for a drop or a gold/silver chain is an impossible task for me. If I am lucky enough to win (trying doesn’t hurt, does it?), I would love to receive something you would think best suited my description.

Thank you for the opportunity to be able to wear one of your pieces!

Much love,


Rosy said:

I have bought a few necklaces and bracelets from Edor, in the past, the simplicity and daintiness of the pieces are timeless.

Dawn Marie

Dawn Marie said:

Your shop was the first etsy shop I made a purchase from! Your classic but unique pieces are so stunning yet easy to wear, perfect for my teacher wardrobe. Would be thrilled to add another piece to my collection!

Kindest regards,

Dawn Marie


Despina said:

I adore the blood drop, but I was moved by Ines wrote just above. If I’m the winner, I’d like her to have the necklace she prefers :-) Things are pretty tough in my country, Greece, right now, but keeping our humanity intact and sweet thoughts for the others is more essential than ever.


pinar said:

I really liked the blood drop! Thanks for the giveaway!


Gabrielle said:

Oh wow… everyone’s comments are so touching.
If I win, I’d love to send the necklace to Inês. :)


Adrienne said:

Gorgeous simplicity!


Sandra said:

I love all your jewlry! Love that it is so dainty and well made :-)


Chary said:

I love your necklaces!! Perfect for the dainty lady and always classy and timeless!


Lorimar said:

Love all your jewelry . Such delicate and beautiful pieces! Would love to win!!


Heidi said:

Gorgeous! I love the gunmetal with the red. Thanks for having a giveaway!


Fran said:

I love the blood drop, but I think I’d most love the honey+gold combination. Love your shop for always!


Maartje said:

I love Edor jewelry… So sophisticated…. It just brings a little more joy to the world!
And I’d love-love-love to win another necklace to wear with pride. With love, Maartje

Jill T

Jill T said:

Another necklace to admire from Edor! The “honey” color is my favorite, though all are so beautiful. Thank you for this giveaway opportunity, and for all your lovely creations!


Inês said:

It’s only 3pm and I’ve already cried twice today. My morning was dreadful, I had to face yet again my fear of speaking in public, now about an advanced scientific article that had been published this past June — this time for a croud of 350 people, microphone and all, with a 10 minutes heads-up and a 2% chance of being chosen to deliver such speach. I’m on year 2 of a 6-year course; that article had information only a doctorate or a lab researcher would fully comprehend. And so I cried before going into the stage.

And now I cried again, because people had never been this kind to me. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is not about winning. Today was a victory for me and I’ve already won so much from the kindness of your words, thank you, thank you. It’s easy to lose sight of humanity and goodness, especially in a hospital. I always try to give back to others, but when that back is you, it just hits you in the heart like a train at full speed.

Thank you so much for all your love. I would’ve never imagined my silly story on growing up with Edor could have moved anyone, especially to the point they’d give up their honest prize. Despina and Gabrielle, you are far too generous, and I appreciate your gesture far more than it is imaginable. You’ve lighten up my day, thank you, truly. I wish you nothing short of love, joy, happiness and health.


Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson said:

I like the moss/gold dewdrop! Fingers crossed!

Sara Plasterer

Sara Plasterer said:

These are beautiful!! I would love to win this and show it off for your shop! I would pick lavender because amethyst is my birth stone! Please pick me!! I never win anything lol


Ann said:

How beautiful your Dewdrop necklaces are!


Hélène said:

I really love all the beauty that you made. Greetings from France


Tess said:

i absolutely love the blood red (: just simple but very interesting <3

cindy (shop owner)

cindy (shop owner) said:

Such sweet comments everyone! Thank you for the kind words & kindness towards each other.

Ines I hope you are able to pull through and become stronger through it all. We are all wishing you the best!

Thank you again everyone!


Amanda said:

I have three of your necklaces, and people always ask me where I got them! I love the blood red with gunmetal…just in time for Halloween!


La'Nita said:

Your jewelry is simple and to the point, love it!


Rebecca said:

I love your necklaces! The drop necklaces are so simple and beautiful.

Alicia Jordan

Alicia Jordan said:

I absolutely love your necklaces! The blood drop is my absolute favorite!

Cassie Miller

Cassie Miller said:

I love the lavender or pale green on the gun metal chain- so simple but elegant: could be dressed down or dressed up! Something I’ve been looking for! Beautiful!

Olivia terry

Olivia terry said:

These are absolutely beautiful! Whoever designed these did a wonderful job!!!

Angela Saver

Angela Saver said:

Wow! I love your necklaces, epeciallly the Blood Drop! So pretty!

Rachel Salisbury

Rachel Salisbury said:

Your dewdrop necklaces are STUNNING! Would love to have one <3

Anne Marie Towne

Anne Marie Towne said:

Beautiful necklaces whoever wins is very lucky !!
I would love to win I would wear it all the time

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