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October 21, 2012 by cindy .
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Heather C.

Heather C. said:

My favorite piece is the brass lamina necklace.


Elaine said:

My favorite pieces would be the spiral shell necklace and Nebula bracelet (:

Sarah Holmgren

Sarah Holmgren said:

My favorite piece is the mint star necklace which I just got from Love, Edor!


Esther said:

My favorite piece is the nebula bracelet in sterling silver, it’s so beautiful and delicate! I never take it off. :D

Amy Nguyen

Amy Nguyen said:

I absolutely adore the idea of pairing the Tiny Initial necklace with the turquoise Icing necklace. I love these garnet earrings as well!

Rebecca F.

Rebecca F. said:

What gorgeous studs! My current favorite edor piece is the icing necklace in coral or turquoise. So pretty and perfect for layering!


Orit said:

My favorite piece is the Gold Ribbon necklace.

Michelle M

Michelle M said:

Those earrings are lovely! My favorite is the chevron mini necklace.


Becca said:

I love arena. and the mulberry studs :)


Kaleigh said:

I live these earrings. Would be great for fall outfits. I also really like the silver lining necklace


Kelsey said:

I love the brass bar necklace – I have it in silver, and wear almost everyday!


Gabrielle said:

I love the Fortune Necklace!


Cathy said:

I love many of the pieces but one of my faves is the halo necklace!


Diana said:

Hard to decide but I think my favorite piece is the Nebula bracelet. So versatile and beautiful!


Tali said:

The gold bar!!! I wear it everyday and have purchased it as a present for all of my friends!


Jess said:

I love the brass bar initial necklace :o)


Jenny said:

My personal favorite is the satellite bracelet in silver. It’s really simple, but that just means I can wear it with everything ;)

Eka Nazhwa

Eka Nazhwa said:

My favourite would be the classy Solo – Jet Black! It has my personality in it, and I’ve always loved the combination of anything black and gold.


Allison said:

They are all so beautiful, but I think my most favorite right now is the Nebula gold bracelet. So dainty and pretty!

Deirdre H

Deirdre H said:


karen young

karen young said:

Such a difficult decision as all of the pieces are beautiful. If I had to narrow it down to one, I’d choose the Meridian necklace.


Amanda said:

I have the tiny dot—love it!


Rosy said:

My favorite, up to know, would be the waterdrop bracelet, very delicate and dainty.


elizabeth said:

LOVE the Terra necklace!!!!


Damla said:

Like on FB: https://www.facebook.com/sweepstakelover

I like this: http://loveedor.com/collections/ultramodern/products/meridian


Natashakat said:

the Meridian necklace.!

Idee Fixe

Idee Fixe said:

I loved the Triangle cz studs


Cassidy said:

My three favorite necklaces are from Edor that I got from my boyfriend (now fiance). I wear my hammered gold disc necklace the most. It is simply beautiful and it goes with almost all my earrings. I have the Cherish – grey and gold beads necklace and the Buttonpearl – pale peach pearl on gold fill chain on my wishlist and keep hinting about how much I want them. I LOVE the simplicity of ALL Edor jewelry!

Thank you for continuing to create beautiful, simple and affordable pieces!


Emi said:

My favorite is tiny dot… It goes with everything…:)

Kristy Cutsforth

Kristy Cutsforth said:

Copper hammered rectangle is my favorite piece!


Cindy said:

I love, love the skinny silver tassel necklace.

Though, if I have to be honest…I love all the Edor pieces. :) They are simple yet still speak.


Katie said:

The turquoise icing necklace :)

Katherine R

Katherine R said:

My favorite piece is the Linea necklace. Its so modern and such a beautiful staple necklace to my “fall look”.


va said:

fb / ana amanti
thanks , tumblemumbo at gmail.com


Chris said:

I love the gold initial necklace. It’s so delicate and perfect to wear everyday. Great for birthday presents too!


eliza said:

I love the Tri necklace.

Emily Witkowski

Emily Witkowski said:

I love the crescent necklace. It reminds me so much of a necklace my mother gave me that my father gave to her.


Sandy said:

Fave piece is the brass bar initial necklace!

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